Vacuum Forming (Thermoplastics)

  • Computerized 3-station rotary vacuum former.
    Capacity: 48x 96″x 24″
  • 3 computerized 5-axis routers, numerically controlled. (CNC)
    Capacity up to 48″x 96x 18″
  • Hydraulic single station vacuum former – one of a kind – ideal for cell-cast acrylic forming.
    Capacity: 48″x 96″x 18″
  • Pneumatic double-ender thermoformer.
    Capacity: 30″x 30″x 8″ and 28″x 28″x 6″
  • 3 computerized pneumatic overhead heating vacuum formers, ideal for thin gauge and distortion pre-screened displays.
    Capacity: 33″x 96″x 6″
  • Hydraulic prototype and development, hand-fed vacuum former ideal for low volume and difficult, deeper draws.
    Capacity: 36″x 36″x 12″
  • Pneumatic, deep draw, small run semi-automatic vacuum former.
    Capacity: 36″x 36″x 12″
  • 54″ wide roller die-cutting machine.
  • 24″x 24″ hydraulic “clicker” press die-cutting machine.
  • Proprietary designed, hydraulic, single station pressure former. Capacity: 48″x 96 x 18.