Fiber-Tech Inc. supplies hoods, panels, and even cabs to the construction industry. Construction OEMs are looking for a material that can handle abuse and look pleasing to the eyes. Generally, most machines are boxy sheet metal parts that look old fashioned and ugly. With the freedom of design you can build an eye catching machine with increased material properties. The fiberglass hoods and panels don’t rust and will outlive the metal frame it is bolted on, giving your machine more value. Fiberglass does not expand and contract like metal and can stand up to extreme high temperatures as well as extreme cold temperatures.

Fiber-Tech Inc. primarily molds hoods for various construction OEMs but also builds engine covers and operator cabs. For our industrial machine (shown below), all panels in grey are fiberglass as well as the cab. Fiber-Tech supplies this company a fully operable cab ready for plug & play when delivered.