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A little history of Fiber-Tech


In 1987, Dale Rogers started Fiber-Tech from the ground up.  His first client, which became his “known for”, was Oscar Mayer.  The company wanted to bring back the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile for a marketing campaign.  Although a new company, Dale had years of experience making fiberglass parts for Excalibur, high-end custom car manufacturer.  These high-end cars had to be top quality and could not have a single flaw in them before leaving the shop.  Dale has carried on this standard for high quality to Fiber-Tech and has built a reputation for it.  He has built six Oscar Mayer mobiles for the United States, two for Spain, and one for Japan.

Another major company, GE Amtrak, came to Fiber-Tech and was experiencing considerable downtime repairing locomotive front ends. The solution to the problem was to produce composite modules that could be sent anywhere and be repaired in the field.  Fiber-Tech brought its composite experience and worked with GE to design a fiberglass nose that can be replaced over and over again.  220 sets were made and precision trimmed using CNC routers. All shipped out on-time and mounted on the trains without a single misfit.

The newest venture taken on is assembling cabs for a customer.  A client came to Dale wanting a complete cab, fully powered and operable, so all they have to do is plug it in and it’s ready.  Most importantly, the company wanted the sleek fiberglass look but cannot find a builder to offer this service. Dale oversaw the development stages and with his purchasing power offered many suppliers.  In record speed, from talking to designing to completing the first cab, it took just 8 months for Fiber-Tech to deliver.  Not only do they build the fully furnished cabs but also supply their large panels for engine covers, steps, and other protective covers.  This project has become a huge success and Fiber-Tech is looking into expanding this new line of service.

Fiber-Tech, 33 years later, is still going strong and still producing record numbers.  The company is always exploring new industries and thrives on beating customer’s expectations.   They have become experts in building hoods for any type of machinery, mainly in the construction and agricultural industries.  They also produce a couple hundred to a thousand covers a week for telecommunication towers.  Many of their original customers are still customers to this day. Every year brings on new challenges and Fiber-Tech is eager to learn more and grow with the years to come.

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