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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some of the frequently asked questions from either Engineers or Buyers. Contact us anytime with questions as we are always happy to help.

How much draft is needed?

To keep tooling & part cost as low as possible, the goal is to be able to mold from a single cavity tool. 3° draft is preferred but can go as low as 0.5°.​ Some cases, 0° draft is required because of mating surfaces and/or customer requirements. To accommodate this, there will be a multi-piece mold, which will require body working of the seam after pulling the part. This raises tooling & piece price, as well as, limiting to what processes can be used.


Do I need to radius all corners?

Yes, all sharp corners must have radiuses, unless it will be a trimmed edge. Minimum radius is 1/16". Other standard size radiuses are 1/8" & 1/4". Preferred minimum is 1/4".


What information do I need to send for a quote?

CAD models are preferred for a faster & more accurate quote. Prints of the final component & any sub-component prints that are needed for. Any specifications (Flame/Smoke/Toxicity/Strength) for what the resin/glass matrix need to meet. Estimated annual usage

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