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Quality Assurance


Fiber-Tech is ISO certified 9001:2015.  We strive to meet all quality requirements and exceed the customer’s expectations. All processes & procedures are documented & controlled. Also, they are audited throughout the year to make sure all employees are trained correctly and perform to Fiber-Tech's standards.

Fiber-Tech employs software throughout the shop floor to track production. This gives us live feedback for where product is in the production process, run reports for effectivity & control material usage.

All tooling is owned by the customers but is maintained & stored by Fiber-Tech with no charges for the life of the program. You can feel secure that purchasing tooling through us is a great investment with no surprises. Pay for the tooling once and that is all!

At Fiber-Tech, we do not implement the chopper gun (spray up) open mold lamination process. Only hand lay up is used. It is cleaner and more controllable of the labor & materials used. All components running through the shop have their own fiberglass kit. This controls the thickness and helps with repeatability. Resin to glass is more controlled, preventing warpage, orange peel & other shrink issues. Below is a side by side comparison of a project Fiber-Tech using hand lay up vs a competitor using spray up. You can see how assemblies do not come close to fitting as nicely as hand lay up. Plus the thicknesses are all over the place for spray up.

Hand Layup VS Sprayup 2.jpg
Hand Layup VS Sprayup 1.jpg
Hand Layup VS Sprayup 3.jpg
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