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Fiberglass Benefits

Why Choose Fiberglass over other materials:

Strong and long-lasting: Pound for Pound fiberglass is stronger than sheet metal. Fiberglass has a high resistance to corrosion, it will not rust.  Perfect for products used outside.Especially in states near the ocean, with high salt content in the air.  Fire-retardant resins can make your products stand up against fire and will only char not burn up.  Perfect when products will be around corrosive chemicals.

Design Freedom: There are very few restrictions with molding fiberglass, giving the engineer unlimited possibilities.  Get away from the old boxy looking products and design visually appealing ones that are still as structurally strong and durable.  Can take a multi-piece part and convert it into just one.

Appearance: Using fiberglass for product covers and enclosures definitely improves its aesthetics.  Achieve any look and feel desired.  Finishes give fiberglass components a high tech appearance.

Cost Effectiveness: With steel being dependent on China’s steel prices, you will have stable prices with fiberglass. Lower costs for maintenance and warranty work.  A lighter and stronger product results in lower costs for shipping and storage.

Special Characteristics: Fiberglass is non-conductive and radio frequency transparent.  Perfect for housing electronics without disturbing their performance and protect employees from hazards inside.  Fiberglass absorbs sound waves more than bounces off, thus giving it extremely good acoustics. In turn, lowering machinery volumes and achieving acceptable and/or required sound levels. Unlike metal, plastic, and wood; fiberglass has the least expansion and contraction with heat, cold and/or stress.

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